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AZ-204 - Training - Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Companion material and resources for the course 'Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure' delivery by Ricardo Cabral.

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Course outline January 2024

Learning Path Module Practice Lab
1: Implement Azure App Service web apps - Module 1: Explore Azure App Service
- Module 2: Configure web app settings
- Module 3: Scale apps in Azure App Service
- Module 4: Explore Azure App Service deployment slots
Lab 01: Build a web application on Azure platform as a service offerings
2: Implement Azure Functions - Module 1: Explore Azure Functions
- Module 2: Develop Azure Functions
Lab 02: Implement task processing logic by using Azure Functions
3: Develop solutions that use Blob storage - Module 1: Explore Azure Blob storage
- Module 2: Manage the Azure Blob storage lifecycle
- Module 3: Work with Azure Blob storage
Lab 03: Retrieve Azure Storage resources and metadata by using the Azure Storage SDK for .NET
4: Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB - Module 1: Explore Azure Cosmos DB
- Module 2: Work with Azure Cosmos DB
Lab 04: Construct a polyglot data solution
5: Implement containerized solutions - Module 1: Manage container images in Azure Container Registry
- Module 2: Run container images in Azure Container Instances
- Module 3: Implement Azure Container Apps
Lab 05: Deploy compute workloads by using images and containers
6: Implement user authentication and authorization - Module 1: Explore the Microsoft identity platform
- Module 2: Implement authentication by using the Microsoft Authentication Library
- Module 3: Implement shared access signatures
- Module 4: Explore Microsoft Graph
Lab 06: Authenticate by using OpenID Connect, MSAL, and .NET SDKs
7: Implement secure cloud solutions - Module 1: Implement Azure Key Vault
- Module 2: Implement managed identities
- Module 3: Implement Azure App Configuration
Lab 07: Access resource secrets more securely across services
8: Implement API Management - Module 1: Explore API Management Lab 08: Create a multi-tier solution by using Azure services
9: Develop event-based solution - Module 1: Explore Azure Event Grid
- Module 2: Explore Azure Event Hubs
Lab 09: Publish and subscribe to Event Grid events
10: Develop message-based solution - Module 1: Discover Azure message queues Lab 10: Asynchronously process messages by using Azure Service Bus Queues
11: Troubleshoot solutions by using Application Insights - Module 1: Monitor app performance Lab 11: Monitor services that are deployed to Azure
12: Implement caching for solutions - Module 1: Develop for Azure Cache for Redis
- Module 2: Develop for storage on CDNs
Lab 12: Enhance a web application by using the Azure Content Delivery Network

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