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AZ-204 - Training - Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Companion material and resources for the course 'Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure' delivery by Ricardo Cabral.

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Learning Path 9: AZ-204: Develop event-based solutions

Multiple-choice questions

  1. Which of the following event schema properties requires a value?

    • A. Topic
    • B. Data
    • C. Subject

    Show answer Subject

  2. Which of the following Event Grid built-in roles is appropriate for managing Event Grid resources?

    • A. Event Grid Contributor
    • B. Event Grid Subscription Contributor
    • C. Event Grid Data Sender

    Show answer Event Grid Contributor

  3. Which of the following Event Hubs concepts represents an ordered sequence of events that is held in an Event Hubs?

    • A. Consumer group
    • B. Partition
    • C. Event Hubs producer

    Show answer Partition

  4. Which of the following options represents when an event processor marks or commits the position of the last successfully processed event within a partition?

    • A. Checkpointing
    • B. Scale
    • C. Load balance

    Show answer Checkpointing

Open ended questions

  1. Describe what Azure Event Grid does, and what is the endpoint where publishers send events called?

    Show answer Azure Event Grid is an eventing backplane that enables event-driven, reactive programming. It uses the publish-subscribe model and connects sources of events to event handlers. Topics is the endpoint where publishers send events.

  2. Event Grid can be configured to batch events in high-throughput scenarios. There are two settings that control batched delivery. Describe both settings.

    Show answer 1. Max events per batch - Maximum number of events Event Grid will deliver per batch. Event Grid doesn't delay events to create a batch if fewer events are available. 2. Preferred batch size in kilobytes - target ceiling for batch size in kilobytes. Similar to max events, the batch size may be smaller if more events aren't available at the time of publish.

  3. There are four built-in roles that control the level of access to perform management operations. List at least two of the roles and describe their scope.

    Show answer 1. Event Grid Subscription Reader – lets you read Event Grid subscriptions. 2. Event Grid Subscription Contributor – lets you manage Event Grid event subscription operations. 3. Event Grid Contributor – lets you create and manage Event Grid resources. 4. Event Grid Data Sender – lets you send events to Event Grid topics.

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