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AZ-204 - Training - Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Companion material and resources for the course 'Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure' delivery by Ricardo Cabral.

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Learning Path 11: AZ-204: Troubleshoot solutions by using Application Insights

Multiple-choice questions

  1. Which of the following availability tests is recommended for authentication tests?

    • A. URL ping
    • B. Standard
    • C. Custom TrackAvailability

    Show answer Custom TrackAvailability

  2. Which of the following metric collection types provides near real-time querying and alerting on dimensions of metrics, and more responsive dashboards?

    • A. Log-based
    • B. Pre-aggregated
    • C. Azure Service Bus

    Show answer Pre-aggregated

Open ended questions

  1. How do you instrument an app to work with Application Insights?

    Show answer You install a small instrumentation package (SDK) in your application or enable Application Insights using the Application Insights Agent when supported. The instrumentation monitors your app and directs the telemetry data to an Azure Application Insights Resource using a unique GUID that we refer to as an Instrumentation Key.

  2. Name at least one of the types of availability tests.

    Show answer There are three types of availability tests: 1. URL ping test which tests if the endpoint is responding. 2. Standard test which is similar to the URL ping test but also includes SSL certificate validity, proactive lifetime check, and an HTTP request ver - [ ] B. 3. Custom TrackAvailability test that allows you to create a custom application to run tests.

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